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Steam Mop Review Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor

Steam Mop Review Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor

Bissell 1867 steam mop open floor steam cleaner, as the name suggests is a good choice for cleaning hardwood, tile, floor and first floor.

Bissell 1867 was widely known, because he said, green and safe steam cleaning: Do not use chemicals or soap, just water. Bissell 1867 mop has been by many as the speed and convenience.

1867 BISSELL, including hotel

* As described above, steam mop the work of other chemicals, but by water. Distilled water recommended to extend the life of the filter housing.

Former fire very quickly, and after 30 seconds, water is hot enough to produce steam. bottle of water can take up to 15 minutes before being replaced.

* Low profile swivel head rotates 360 degrees to clean hard to reach areas such as cabinets and shelves

* Pad span comes with cloth to wipe spills or dirt

* Do mop 10-1/2 inches and the head of the support tube to move easily

* Other accounts show that changes in filter

* Ready indicator

Bissell 1867 which includes the protection of "well, wipe excess built in to handle that is installed on the wall of media storage and quick release cord hook.


We Bissell 1867 steam mop, because it is very easy to negotiate and work shorter, but better. Ready to use within 30 seconds, to produce a variety of surfaces, we can use water to clean hard to reach areas and can serve as clear.


Many owners complain that BISSELL 1867 steam cleaners on the left. This is not a big problem as he seems to have almost all steam cleaning of such common problems. The second weakness is that the 17-meter cable bit short.


BISSELL 1867 steam mop steam mop steam floor cleaners cleaning clear is good and recommended more than 180 satisfied clients. Despite the higher price, you can also consider Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, which are cheaper alternatives.


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